I recommend this moving company and would certainly use Moving Company Hyde Park again should the situation call for it.

  • K. Anderson

I felt Hyde Park Movers went that extra mile for me when I was moving from a three-bedroom semi to a new 4-bedroom detached house. I had a lot of big appliances and items of furniture to move but this wasn't a big deal for them; they were well equipped to handle it. I can't praise the efforts of the team enough; they were polite and worked very hard. I would definitely suggest if you need to move home or workplace to hire this company - they were fabulous.

  • Kimberly Clark

My dad was moving in with us after selling his bungalow but he had a lot of gear to deal with. Luckily I knew who to call - Hyde Park Removals. I arranged for some of the belongings to go into storage for a while, and the remaining ones needed delivering to our home. This company were brilliant when it came to removal and sorted the two moves without problems. There were a lot of boxes, appliances and furnishings to shift but it all got moved to the right place with no mix up! Thanks!

  • Robert Holmes

This company offers reasonably priced, professional and efficient relocation packages. In the past I have chosen cheaper movers and more expensive and professional relocation companies; however, just because you pay more sometimes it does not mean that you are getting better quality. I have experienced this problem in the past. I have hired more expensive companies and they have been very unreliable and very unprofessional, which is why I gave Moving Company Hyde Park a chance and I'm so glad that I did because they were amazing. Thank you for the help, you were great!

  • Becky Cove

After spending a great of time looking around for a good removals company I finally went with HydeParkRemovals. Now, the thing that mainly surprised me (and the reason that I decided to leave a review!) is that they were so good for the price! I don't know what type of services you get for paying more... But I think: why bother! These guys do the job! Thumbs up from me!

  • Simon J.